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    When things in your life feel like they're too much to deal with, nothing feels better than a quality massage.
    At East & West Wellness, our passion isn't just to give you a relaxing, comfortable massage, but to give you the tools to help promote health and wellness, with a variety of massage, moxibustion, and cupping practices.
    Don't forget to ask about our herbal healing treatment for a method of alternative healing you are sure to love. For the best massage options in Brooklyn, NY, call us today.
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Our Services

Swedish Massage

Nothing relaxes you like a quality massage, and East & West Wellness knows how to relax you more than any other massage parlor in Brooklyn, NY. Relieve that tension, with an intense deep tissue massage or a comforting Swedish massage.


With this ancient form of natural pain relief, a practitioner suctions a specific part of your body with heat to increase blood flow. This process will help ease your stress and promote wellness.


For centuries, acupuncture has been used as a form of healing and wellness, and when you give it a try, you'll see why. Our wellness center is dedicated to helping you feel your very best through gentle treatments and medical practices.


One of the best ways to cleanse your skin and leave it glowing and fresh involves getting regular facials to give your skin that radiant glow. Our excellent facial service combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant application simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little to no discomfort or downtime.

We Also Offer


Moxa Healing Therapy

Jade Journey Hot Stone Massage

Essential Oil Massage

Head, Neck, & Shoulder Conditioning

Shiatsu Massage

Medical Massage

Complete Massage

Foot Reflexology

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